Auto Window Tinting – How Does It Work?

The window tinting for cars is a thin laminate film that is carefully installed on the exterior of the vehicle on the glass surface. There are many different types of the auto window around made from a different type of material like charcoal dye, ceramic, etc. Each offers a varying level of protection against UV rays. This has many different applications like the reduction of heat and glare, protection from intense UV rays of the sun as well as it provides thermal insulation.

Tints Pro are the experts when it comes to auto window tinting in Woodbridge. We offer many types of window tinting. There are many benefits of using windows tints on your vehicle, this article explains how windows tinting works and some of the common benefits of using it.

How Does Auto Window Tint Work? 

Auto windows tints serve the main purpose of reducing the amount of heat entering the car and doing so, helps provide thermal protection. The law pertaining to windows tint is different in each state in the USA, hence it is advisable to first look up specifications for your respective state prior to selecting a window tint for your car.

 On average, most car windows will allow sunlight to enter this includes visible light as well as UV light and infrared light.

 Placing a tint film the window is highly beneficial since it absorbs a high percentage of the intense UV Rays.

 When a vehicle is placed outside on a hot day it is likely to get very hot even if the parking time is less than 1 hour. This affects occupants of the car if taking it for a spin, but that not all. It will also affect the dashboard, cabin itself and steering wheel not to mention the fact that the seats may fade faster.

 Once you place a windows tint film on your vehicle it will successfully block 35 to 65% of the solar heat thus preventing the interior of your vehicle from getting very hot. It will also block approximately 99% of the harmful UV rays. Thus, this can prevent damage to the interior of the vehicle as well as ensure there is a cool car to return to for the occupants.

Benefits of using Window Tint in Woodbridge 

Tints Pro is the place to get your window tinting in Woodbridge and be sure that you have a good quality tint. We offer many different brands and a lifetime warranty too to boost your confidence and to provide assurance that your window tint will not become opaque; peel off or hard to see through within a month of application.

Some of the popular window tints brands we offer include SunTek which is a high-performance series film that is available in many shades and one that is charcoal dyed. This is a dark film that provides high-level protection but does not interfere with the navigation and satellite radio signals. The other brands include Solar Gard and Huper Optik which are also quite effective and made from different materials like ceramic, etc. These brands offer a high level of protection against UV rays work out as the best option to protect your vehicle against the intense sun rays.

Here are some of the top benefits of opting for windows tint for your car 

 It offers greater aesthetic value to your vehicle providing it a clean finish that complements the color of your vehicle.

 There can be nothing worse than having to enter a car that has been parked in the sun for over an hour since it would be nothing short of a furnace inside, making it hard to drive as well. Taking advantage of a good window tint means you have greater comfort driving off in your parked vehicle without worrying about the blazing hot steering wheel.

 UV rays are very harmful to us as well as the vehicle itself. Window Tints is the best solution for this since it can successfully block 99% of the sun’s UV rays efficiently.

 It also provides a higher level of safety since it makes the glass more shatter-resistant.

 It increases the level of privacy and helps save energy since it reduces the load on the AC unit while cooling the car.

Importance and Necessity of a Car Window Tint and Its Impact

Every person in this world has a desire to lead a luxurious life. A person always dreams of giving his family and loves one’s life full of comfort and happiness. He works day and night investing his time to earn money which in turn can help fulfill his materialistic needs. Owning a car is one such luxury that every person longs for. It is a dream asset for every individual. A well-known saying prevails if you purchase an elephant, be ready to bear its expenditure. Owning a car is no less than owning an elephant, its maintenance, gas; diesel etc. sometimes takes a toll. Nevertheless, every problem comes with a solution too.

Importance of glass tinting

A car is a luxury product but as time passes by it has become a necessity for every individual. The usage of a car as a cab is the best concept accepted by all. It is of utmost importance for a cab owner to keep his car the most comfortable vehicle preferred by a person to travel. Car window tint in Woodbridge has won the heart of people by its good quality services. Car window tint in Woodbridge is one of the favored destinations for getting the window film tint. Auto window tinting in Woodbridge requires adequate knowledge about the type of window tinting to be done.

The lower quality of the window film tint might result in damaging of the car. It can spoil the look of a car by making it appear untidy. Cab nowadays is the most preferred and easily available means of transport for people in the United States. Window film tint in cabs should be done such that is protects a customer from the heat and radiating solar rays.

Ideal window film

A window tint can be considered ideal if it lasts lifelong. The quality of car tint should be such that it enhances the look of the car, crimpled free and durable for a longer run. Lower quality of the car tint will start fading away in a year or two making the vehicle look ugly. The film which is of not good quality will turn purple and shall separate from the glass due to extreme heat. This results in unwanted expenditure on a person. The brand selection of the window film tint should be done carefully. Appropriate research should be done by a person for which is the best window film tint that will be suitable for the cars.

Trustworthy brands for tinting window films

The well-known tint shops in the United States uses branded window film tint for cars, trucks etc. They understand the importance of asset maintenance and leave no room for the customer complaint. The auto-tinting window film brands used by them are Suntek Window film, Huper Optik, Solar Gard etc.  This brands offer high-quality window film which can help control the excessive heat entering the car.

The high-performance window film tint can prevent hampering GPS, Navigation or satellite radio signals being used in the car.

Advantages of auto window tint

There are exceptional advantages of using the branded auto window film tint which stands different from the regular window film used. Some of them are it gives a lifetime warranty, reduction by 99% of contracting with harmful ultraviolet rays, heat percolation is reduced up to 60%,  reduced load on air condition, vehicle upholstery and interior of the car are saved from cracking and fading away. Most important of all the factors, window film tint prevents skin from the exposure to harmful solar radiation resulting in worst skin diseases and skin cancer.

Window films for your cars, home & office

In making our properties such as our house, our office or even our cars, we invest so much of our earnings that we have made by working really hard for long years. All our savings are invested at once in making them. And thus, we take extreme care of these hard-earned properties. In a house and our new office we even spend so much in setting the right interiors, and also in cars we customize it at times according to our needs. But all the drapes furnishings and furniture would start fading if we do not protect them from the dusty winds and sunlight. Though while choosing a house or an office we are careful about its direction but the effect of sun rays and dusty winds are unavoidable.

In order to protect your cars, offices and houses from the effects of the sunlight and dusty winds, the windows need tinting. Window films help in protecting the space from the bad rays of the sun and also from dusty winds. With window films by Tint Pros one can get their windows tints installed from professionals.

Tint pros provide the best quality of window films that protect your space even from natural calamities such as thunderstorms. Their window tints increase the strength of the windows in such scenarios. Their window tints are licenced and insured and thus provide you the best experience in the protection of your furniture and furnishings.

Window Films

They specialize in the following window films:-

Window films for automotive: – Car window tints are extremely necessary as they protect your cars from fading its colours. The window tints keeps all the dust out and also reduces the sun rays in your car and thus provide a very comfortable ride to you.

The brand that Tint Pros provide are in auto window tints are Sun Tek window films, Huper Optik, and Solar Gard window films. All the three window film brands has its own specialities and benefits, so one can choose accordingly. To get the best car window tint in Woodbridge and to get them professionally installed contact Tint Pros today.

Window films for your residence: – It is vital to protect all your drapes, furniture and furnishings from the harmful sun rays. If not the colours start fading away. The house must be protected with stronger windows during natural calamities like thunderstorms.

Instead of choosing any window films, get your window films installed from Tint Pros that promises a lifetime warrantee and also assures the best quality installation of the films too. Also, these window films will protect the house from glare and harmful UV rays of the sun and will thus give you a colder feel during summers by decreasing the room temperature of your house.

The window films by tint pros not only protects your house from the rays and calamities but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the house with attractive looking windows.

Window films for your office or corporate house: – Your workplace is your second home. You spend more time at your office than your home on busy working days. And thus, you would not want a dull looking furniture or drapes around you.

A cabin that attracts too much sunlight will need window films in order to protect it from the harmful sun rays and also during summers they should be such that the temperature of the room feels lesser than the actual temperature outside. Thus choose the best window films for your office or the room that attracts the maximum sunlight.

Also, Tint Pros provide Window Pros for different purposes: – Decorative purpose, security purposes & privacy purposes. Thus the customer can choose according to his/her needs.

Professional Car Tinting Products

Being a thin laminate film, a window film can be applied to a wide array of glasses like car windows, commercial and residential buildings; due to its tensile strength, adhesion to various surfaces, durability and clarity.

The installation process is not so complicated for automobiles and perhaps marine. Selecting the type of film to be used mainly depends on four factors that are the material of construction, technicalities like safety, sunlight control, security and privacy of the occupants. If you are in the US and want to get one for your car, it is highly recommended that you get it done at experienced and professional window tinting in Woodbridge.

Professional Car Tinting Products

Origin of tinting

The origin of glass tinting for cars could be tracked back to World War II, where the American manufacturers manufactured early versions of car tints as we know today. Having said that, not everyone would have it installed on their car windows; so they often tried experimenting by spraying the glasses with tint chemicals. Such DIY were present before the actual window tints changed the game in the mid-90s. The spray-on tinting was uneven and poor longevity.

The next generations of tints evolved during the same period but were made of metal and dye that created a chrome finish. Even though they absorbed heat and reject sunlight due to their unique composition, they did cause static and interference with electronics which were on a rise back then like radio and satellites.

Coming back to the present times, the newest edition is ceramic films. Being very sophisticated in manufacturing, they outlast traditional films and have excellent heat and sunlight rejection properties. There are also choices for selecting the opacity and heat rejection ranging from nearly transparent to blackout tints. New products are constantly being developed by leading manufacturers like 3M, Garware, Window Tint Pro, etc. If you live nearby, type in car window tinting in Woodbridge and you’ll get a list of options.

Governing regulations

When it comes to laws, even sun films are no exception. We’ll discuss a few in the following lines. When it comes to window tinting, it reduces the transfer of light which means the interior of the vehicle will be not completely visible. This could also cause a hazard when drivers are unable to sport hazards or have a clear vision of what’s outside, especially at night.

Additionally, even the police would be unable to easily identify a potential threat lingering in a vehicle or the occupants of the car. Thus, every state has its own governing laws about installations of windows films and their darkness, usually 30% tinted for windshields. Car window tinting in Woodbridge is carried out using the best brands and are street legal.

Vehicles also come with factory tint where the glasses are treated with a dye from the inside instead of installing a sun film. Such tints do no block uv rays and sunlight as compared to what sun films do. Every country has different regulations regarding installation of sun films right from no dark film law till completely dark films allowed on certain windows like the rear and tailgate.

Other uses

Protection films are more used on commercial buildings because they help minimise any shards of glass flying around in event of breakage of glass or a forceful entry. The same principle applies to a vehicle also. Darker films provide reflective properties creating a mirror effect or just a black out; suitable for limo services too that require privacy for the passenger cabin.

For more information, visit for window tinting in Woodbridge va.

Is Car Window Tinting Good for You?

Best Car Window Tinting

Have you ever tinted your car windows? Then you would probably know that nothing ruins the aesthetic of a gorgeous car like a bad tint job. Though worse than these is that is still trying to see through that ruinously bad streak of bubbles between the window and the translucent purplish film that was once the best car window tint.

However, you won’t realize it now but after years of going without tint and in soaring temperatures of 120-130oF! So, if your car also needs a tint too then you can head straight to the best shop of window tint in Woodbridge to get it done. Whether you are checking out a used car or having yours tinted for the first time, there are some things that you should know.

best car window tint

Good Tint Has Small, Clean Edges

In order to tell if a car has a quality tint, you need to see how close the film comes to the window edge and take a note of how consistent and clean the line is. The best window tint installer uses computerized templates that pre-cut the film as much as possible, resulting in a line that’s close to the edge of the window pane.

Purple is the Enemy

The biggest problem with window tints is it turns purplish with time. That is obvious that the film is of the most basic quality possible which is a vinyl sheet with dyes that fade over time.

window tint in Woodbridge

Look for Tiny Bubbles

You can make sure to check out how clear your view is. While installing the window tint, bubbles can appear and even small bubbles can cause distortion. A good tint installer will minimize the risk of bubbles but if you have used a low-quality tint, they can form as early as six months the adhesive starts to break down prematurely.

Check out the Dot Matrix

Some of the window tints have little dots on the edges of the car windows are 3D and makes window tinting very difficult because it sticks to some spots but not others. Sometime, an installer will attempt to fill the blank spaces with glue so it looks filled in.

However, a better and more intensive solution is for the installer to take time and sand the dots down.

Look for Bubbles Around Defroster Bars

As with the dot matrix, your read window’s defroster is 3D. Any access gap where the tint is firmly affixed to the windows will become an excellent starting point for bubbles to form and expand over time. So, you will need to make sure that the tint is pressed as tightly against the defroster as possible.

High-Quality Tints Aren’t Always Dark

Don’t assume that a dark tint has the best heat-blocking properties. While the car is in the sun, put one hand directly in the sun and other behind the window, you will surely feel the difference. As a general rule, the darker the tint, the greater the heat reduction, but a high-quality ceramic tint is more efficient, meaning a lighter shade can still be more effective.

Things You Didn’t Knew About Window Tinting

You have probably heard about the benefits of the window tinting or even the cons! But there are some particular things about window tinting that most of the peoples didn’t know about! Did you know that best car window tints help in fighting global warming? Yes, you heard that right! Here how it works, window tints keep your car cool and this could help greenhouse gas emissions in cars allowing you to use less energy to cool the car!

Window Tinting in Woodbridge Virginia

Another thing window tints are associated with are the safety of the passengers! As the automotive glass is very resistant to breaking it shatters into pieces causing injuries during an accident. Window tint will help glass from shattering into pieces.


Window tinting is also associated with skin cancer! Yes, tints protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun which causes skin cancer! Keeping the sun rays out of the car also protects the interior of the car from tanning, cracking or fading!


But most of the people tint their car windows to get privacy! This is done to hide valuables in the car without getting it noticed. If your car windows are not tinted, your expensive sound system might get stolen. With the privacy provided with the window tints, you might feel a little safer!


These were some of the things that you might not have known about the window tints. You can get window tints in your vehicle from your nearest window tint in Woodbridge! Take a look at some the cool facts about window tinting.

It was all the way back around World War II that at-home window tinting became available to the public! The first window tints were actually a spray on cans which resulted in messy and uneven layers. These sprays were persisted into the 1960s.


Drag racers began installing colored Plexiglass in their hot-rods in the 1950s giving them a sweet appearance.


It was mid of the 60s, automobile manufacturer took a step ahead and created first retail window film which became popular. These window films were dye based that turned purple over time and tent to bubble in bad weather.


To stop the tint from becoming purple, they started adding metallic particles with the dye. This worked but the metal particles started interfering with the electrical devices.


Nowadays, the windows tints available in the market are light years ahead of time as it uses nanotechnology. These modern-day tints offer maximum protection from ultraviolet rays, doesn’t interfere with the radio signals, offers optical clarity and are scratch resistant! They are even color stable that means it will never turn purple.


Did you know that car window tinting is legal only in 50 states? Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding how dark the tint can be. This is known as a visible light transmission or VLT in short! The VLT also vary depending on which windows are tinted!


The best thing about these tints that people are not aware of is how fast and affordable the process has become. It only takes a few hours to professionally tint the windows of any car, truck or SUV. While the cost of tints depending upon the level of protection and type of tints you have chosen!


Wrapping Up


Window tints are definitely a great option to protect yourself, hide your valuables, protect your car’s upholstery. Rather than that window tints are great customization too! Window tints add a classy and aesthetic appeal to your vehicle as well!

6 Modifications that are Totally Reversible

Customizing your vehicle could lower down the resale value especially if the customization is done are permanent! However, some customization’s like car window tint, customized wheels, etc. can be reversible. While modifications like engine swapping, performance exhausts, and body kits cannot be reversed as they are permanent modifications.

Take a look at these modifications that you can swap your ride from funky to normal within a few hours!

 1. Window Tint

Window Tints are used to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and offers you privacy as well! Like a pair of sunglasses which are available in various shades, window tints are also available in a number of shades depending upon your budget and choice! However, you can visit the nearest car garage to get the best car window tint for your vehicle.

car window tint

Furthermore, the window tints will also give strength to the glass and prevents them from shattering in case of an accident! If you get bored from it, you can just simply peel it off!

2. Wheels

Wheels are the simplest way to modify your car and define its aesthetics. Today, you can get many options to modify your wheels, from sporty to classy, wheels can really define one’s choice! There are some many online sites from where you can search for the custom wheels which fits in your budget. You can even get a glimpse on how they will actually look on your vehicle!

However, If you can buy a pair of new wheels then you can get a set of aftermarket wheels and customize your vehicle without disturbing your budget!

3. Vinyl Wrap

A few years back, you need to pay hundreds of dollars and time in order to customize the paint of the car as it needs to repaint it over again! Thanks to the invention of the vinyl wrap! With the help of the vinyl wrap, you can customize any vehicle within a few hours without spending much!


You can wrap your car in any design you like within a few hours! The best thing about the wrap is that you can remove it whenever you want!

4. Plasti Dip

Plasti dip was basically a rubberized coating that was used to apply on the handles of pliers and hedge clippers. In the recent years, the plasti dip is has become a styling tool for the import tuners. These are available in a variety of colors in the form of spray cans. It gives a low-gloss rubbery finish to vehicles which peels off when you want it gone!

Moreover, you can use it where vinyl won’t reach and paint your chrome grills and body trim into the matte black for a bold look! Spray your wheels red to give it an all-new sporty feel. You can buy the custom bundle starting from $300-$500. It is also DIY friendly that means you can do the customization in your backyard and cheaper than vinyl!

5. Better than New

Car manufacturers are making some parts of the vehicles interchangeable. All you need to do is a little bit of market research and you are ready to go! You can change the steering wheel of the car to a sportier one or wrap your shift knob into leather or chrome your door trims!

You can even attach a reverse parking camera along with parking sensors or a hi-tech infotainment system with best-in-class car speakers! You can even modify your vehicle from the parts available in the aftermarket to save your money as well. Don’t damage your car parts while removing so you can reinstall it whenever you want!

Final Words

These are some of the modifications you can do all by yourself or you can get help from experts for changing wheels, applying vinyl or apply window tints in Woodbridge! However, you can even change the seat covers, add performance parts for better ride quality and sportier feel!

Top Most Reasons To Hire a Professional Window Tinting Dealer

Window tinting is a fairly recent invention, and since the day it was conceived, it has been applied in countless parts such as car windows, house windows, or office windows. So, to make this process better and hassle-free then hire professional window tinting dealers.

Installing a window tinting has numerous benefits. Nowadays, window tinting is no longer new at all. You always see tinted windows at homes and cars every day.

If you don’t have a tinted film installed on your home or car windows, consider few benefits of tinted windows to make your decision more powerful and perfect.

professional window tinting

Have a look at the benefits of the window tinting are;

  • It helps in the reduction of solar heat.
  • It’s UV protected.
  • It gives you an added privacy.
  • It is also considered as a tool of safety and security.

These are the main purposes of car window tinting.

An excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun is a known cause of skin cancer. Automotive tinting reflects the sun’s ray away from the interior of your car. It is also beneficial to protect the car interior from fading.

Top Most Reasons To Install Window Tints 

An Automotive window tinting offers several non-health-related benefits to vehicle owners and their passengers, too.

Window tinting is the perfect tool to get prevention of fading and damaging of the internal interior of a car.

It is better to apply windows tints as soon as possible as the summer months are ahead and you & your family will be grateful to tinted windows during summer drives.

To know more in detail, just go through with reasons that jotted below; 

  • Tints Helpful To Reduce Glare 

As stated above that window tint films reflect the heat from the sun as well as glare.

The sun glare might make it difficult for you to drive comfortably and window tinting might take care of this issue.

Through tinted windows, glare is reflected and it does not come directly so that you can enjoy driving easily.

  • Safety From Glass Breakage

Window tinting films are able to hold window glasses together, during breakage of glasses, it does not spread across or shatter in front of you.

Thus, from tinting, you can keep your family more protected from glass-related injuries.

  • Enjoy Added Privacy With The Window Tinting

An element of privacy from the outside can be achieved with a window tinting film. It gives you desired comfort while you are in a car.

They come in a wide range of shading to provide a level of privacy for you and your passengers.

With the help of the tinted window, no one can look into your car and can’t see your valuables inside.

Over To You 

Thus, the benefits of installing a window tint film include more than simply improving the look of your car. If you are fascinated to install window tints on your car, there are many options accessible in the market to choose from.

You may come across the various collection of tints such as matte finished tints to glossy window tints. These type of tints can add to your peace of mind when you want to protect your vehicle and for those who travel with you.

Visit Tint Pros Online, one of the best tint film installing company that has carved a niche for itself.

In the end, the choice of whether to tint or not is a personal issue. However, car window tinting is no longer a luxury as it used to be; it’s now becoming a necessity.

An Ultimate Guide To Window Tinting in Woodbridge Virginia

window tinting Woodbridge Virginia

Just look around and you will find a number of vehicles with dark black windows on roads. These are tint films installed on the car windows and it has many benefits. Not just cars, people are going to residential and commercial window tinting too across the USA to avail some mind-blowing benefits it offers. The procedure is very simple: hire a window tint installer and he will do the rest.

Even the medical community suggests installing window tint film on hospital windows and other medical vehicles due to its benefits. According to a research paper by the Window Film Magazine, dermatologist and surgeon general Lushniak advocated window tinting to reduce the risk of cancer by high exposure to the sun. “We’ve seen increases [in melanoma cases] — almost tripling over the last 30 years … we need to do something about it,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post.

It has been clear to you why window tinting is important. Not just it protects you from direct sun exposure, there are many other reasons. Let’s discuss one by one”

Why Is Window Tinting Important?

If you don’t make up your mind for window tinting, you are not alone. There are many people who think similarly to not to go with such additional costs. However, there are enough reasons to motivate you to call a window tint shop in your area right away.


If you love privacy in your home, office or in the car, you should go for window tint installation. You don’t want to tell people about your personal or professional affairs, do you? Install a window tint film and secure utmost privacy.

A Classic Finish:

If the window tinting job is done by an expert, it will totally change the ambiance of your home, commercial building or car. It will give a classier and superior look that you always wanted.

Protects Valuable Upholstery:

Yes, direct sun rays damage your car’s valuable upholstery to a great extent. You can improve their life and performance by installing window tinting. It prevents vehicle interiors from fading. What’s more, not just the car, your home, and office furniture will stay with you for a long period if you have installed a tint film.

Protects From UV Rays:

It is not just vehicle interiors, but you too need to be protected from direct sun exposure. You obviously don’t know about how UV rays can damage your skin. A long time exposure might lead to skin cancer too. By installing a window tinting film on your vehicle windows, you are protecting you and your loved ones.

Smooth And Comfortable Driving:

If you have installed a window tint film on your car windows, you will notice that your driving has become more smooth and comfortable. A tint film reduces glares and heat and gives you good and cheerful times when you drive.

Don’t you find these reasons enough to hire a tint professional now?

Choosing The Best Window Film:

The next portion of this post is to find out about different types of tint films and how to select the right one. Stay with me to know more:

When it comes to window tinting, there are many options you have to go for. Here, there are decorative tint films, automotive tint films and many more. Here, we will discuss basic four window tinting films that are used by window tint installers.

Carbon Films:

A non-metal tinting option that is a perfect solution for modern cars with sensitive electronic antennas, carbon films are most popular as they don’t block phone, GPS, radio, wireless and satellite signals from entering in your car. It is the most preferred tint film among all.

Metallic Window Films:

If heat and UV protection are the reasons why you are opting for tinting, you better choose metallic window film for your car. They completely block them. However, there is a drawback here. You might find it difficult to get cellphone and GPS signal with these films. Furthermore, it is shinier than other films.

Coating Window Tinting:

It is a sprayed-on window tinting technique and lasts for a long period. People often go for it with a DIY method, but it is recommended that you hire professionals to get that superior finishing and classy look.

Infrared Films:

It serves multiple purposes. It looks great once installed perfectly and also has superior performance. In addition to that, it does not interfere with technology. It is non-corrosive and non-fading, so forget about maintenance and cleaning issues. Also, solar and UV heat protection is higher than other tinting films.

How To Install Window Film?

Let’s move now on how to install a window tint film on your car, home or any commercial building. It is actually a complex, messy and detailed process and it is better if you leave it to the professionals as by going for DIY, you might end up making some mistakes. Here is a window tint installation process in nutshell:

Clean Thoroughly:

I am not talking about cleaning the windows with a piece of cloth. Don’t misread it like general cleaning. Buy some window cleaning accessories to clean the windows completely. A suggestion- use a squeegee to clean thoroughly. If there are any remaining residues, use a razor to remove them off.

Measure And Cut:

It is a really tricky as well as important part of the process. First, unroll the film onto the inside of the window and cut the film as per the size of the window. Leave one inch from both sides to have a superior finish and total coverage.


Start with the top of the inside casket first and slowly move the film upwards. Trim the vertical edge and then keep trimming to fit the top of the glass.

Apply & Expose:

Spray the solution you have got with the tint film liberally. Next, expose the adhesive solution to the film.

Apply Tint:

You will need a squeegee to complete the process. Carefully move the film onto the glass and slowly go from the bottom to the top. Use a squeegee to press the film from the middle and remove any bubbles and wrinkles that come on the way. Roll the window up and apply the film till the inside casket.


Window Tinting Laws:

Laws are for our safety and protection and we should abide by them. When it comes to window tinting, there are different rules and regulations in each state. The strength of the tinting is limited from state to state and from region to region among states too.

In Woodbridge, VA, the car window tinting laws came into effect in 1999 and there are some tinting specifications that a user have to abide. You can read all the window tint laws for Virginia here:

Tint Darkness For Sedans:

Windshield: Non-reflective tint is permitted above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

Front Side windows: Must allow more than 50% of light in.

Back Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

Rear Window: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

Tint Darkness For SUV And Vans:

Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

Front Side windows: Must allow more than 50% of light in.

Back Side windows: No limitation.

Rear Window: No limitation.

Furthermore, Window Tint Reflection must not be more than 20% reflective in any cars. Also, some colors are not permitted such as red, yellow and amber. If you want to use stickers, you can use them. Medical exemptions are allowed in certain cases.

How Much Does It Cost For Window Tinting Installation?

Again, it varies from the state to state. For example, if you go for car tinting in Miami, you might be surprised by the high prices they offer. However, in general, there are no high and unaffordable costs associated with window tint film installation. It generally ranges from $200 to 800$. furthermore, it also depends on the size of the work too. A little sedan might just need $100 for tint film installation and an SUV might cost you around $1000.

Moreover, if you want to tint your residential or commercial property, it might end up costing you more. However, if you compare the benefits you are getting the cost, you are getting value for every single penny you are spending.

Best Window Tinting Provider in Woodbridge, VA

If you search on the internet or your local business directory, you will find a number of window tinting service providers. However, all are not competent enough to carry out the task superlatively. If you are looking for a best window tinting provider in Woodbridge, VA, you can rely on professional window tinting services offered by one of the premium tint film installers in the area. They have years of experience at their side and a team of tint experts who simply love their job.


Window tinting has some unparalleled benefits whether you opt it for your car, home or office. If you are annoyed with the high temperature at home or office, a window tint installation reduces interior temperature up to 15º. Also, it reduces glare up to 85% and stops UV rays from entering your home by 99.9%.

Not just that, it will also reduce your energy bills to a great extent. Your home, car or office will have a new value and appearance once you install the window tint film.

Top 3 Tips To Take Care Of New Tinted Window

Getting your car windows tinted is an excellent way to enhance your vehicle. Being a car owner, you may have upgraded with the best car window tint. It is a wise investment for your vehicle and housing windows. In the market, you will get best quality tint films that last longer. To continue with the benefits that come with the tint film you need to take an extra care of it.

Here are some tips to help you to care for your tinted windows well:

1. Do Not Put Down The Car Windows:

Your new window film will take two-three days to dry fully. Sometimes, it depends on a film brand, type and weather condition. If you bring down a car window at this time, the tint may come off due to its freshness. To avoid this, you should avoid letting down your car windows until the tint is fully dry.

2. Proper Cleaning Of Windows

While cleaning car’s new tinted windows, make sure that you are using an ammonia-free cleaner, as ammonia is a tint killer over the time. You need to take care while using a cloth to clean window glasses. Always use soft clothes or a clean synthetic sponge and soft paper towels.

3. Correct Use Of Seat Belt

You should be careful while using a seat belt. When tinting is new to the car windows, you should be gentle when putting a seat belt on and off. Along with seat belt damage, you should be cautious about your harsh jewelry. Sometimes jewelry with sharp edges such as steel belt of watches and rings can scratch the film.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Window Tints

Tinted Window

To clean tinted window, don’t use harsh chemicals. Use a chemical stated by dealers or use a specially prescribed cleaner to wash windows.

Do not clean the window right after having tint installed as it needs time to cure.

Clean the exterior of a window as you normally do, as the tint is installed to the interior of the window.

Don’t use razor blades, scrapers for removing dirt on the tinted windows.

Do ask your dealer which cleaning product works best for tint cleaning.

Another way to increase window tint lifeline is to invest in professional dealers who install car window tint in Woodbridge. Professionals provide the best window tints. At, they offer superior durability and long-lasting tint colors. For making tint beautiful longtime, use these strategies to keep your tint new.