Types of Window Tint

what is Window Tint?

Window tint is a thin film applied to the interior surface of a vehicle’s windows, serving as a protective coating against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Most modern cars come equipped with safety glass that already has a built-in treatment to provide some level of window tinting. However, aftermarket window tinting involves the application of an additional film for various purposes.

The primary goal of aftermarket window tinting is to darken a car’s windows, effectively blocking UV light and minimizing glare from the sun and headlights. The tinting material used in this process is available in different materials and shades, offering flexibility in customization. One key performance measurement for car window tinting is visible light transmission, denoting the percentage of light allowed to pass through the tinted windows.

The darkness of the tint is inversely proportional to the percentage of light transmission; a darker shade indicates a lower percentage of light transmission. This characteristic directly influences the amount of light entering the vehicle, impacting the reduction of glare and affecting the driver’s visibility. Therefore, window tinting serves not only as a cosmetic enhancement but also as a practical solution for improving comfort and safety while driving.

Different Types of Window Tint

Consider window tinting if you want to give your car a stylish makeover without breaking your budget. Sometimes, it’s the small changes that can make a big difference, and adding a window tint is a perfect example.

There are five primary types of window tints available. Each type of window tint offers certain advantages of its own, such as improving the aesthetics of your car, increasing privacy, or protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun. So, window tint films are an easy and cost-effective approach to improve the look of your car without going over budget. Experience a fresh look for your car and reap the rewards of this simple modification.

Dyed Window Tint

For people who want their car to look stylish and dark, dyed window tint is the best option from different types of window tint. The deep black colour of dyed window tint adds style to your car while providing a transparent exterior. A dye layer sits between an adhesive and a protective polyester coating to provide the tint.  A dye layer is sandwiched between an adhesive layer and a polyester top coating for protection in the manufacturing of dyed window tint. The top coat ensures the longevity of your tint by acting as a protection against unintentional scratches and firmly adhering to the glass.

Advantages of Dyed Window Tint

Glare Reduction: Effectively blocks glare from headlights, sun, and bright reflections.

Technology Compatibility: Does not interfere with radio waves or technology.

Non-Reflective: Possesses non-reflective properties.

Cost-Effective: The most budget-friendly option among different types of window tint options.

Dark Aesthetic: Dyed window tint provides the darkest tint effect for enhanced privacy.

Interior Protection: Reduces fading of the car’s interior from prolonged sun exposure.

Disadvantages of Dyed Window Tint

Risk of Delamination: Over time, layers may separate as a result of delamination in dyed window tint.

Bubble Appearance: If the tinted windows are installed incorrectly, they may appear to have bubbles in them.

Limited Heat Blocking: Dye window tint blocks less heat than other varieties of tint.

Problem with Fading: When dyed window tint is exposed to UV light, the dye breaks down and fades from black to purple.

Limited Durability: Coloured window tint is easily faded, delaminated, and damaged.

Inefficient UV Blocking: UV rays are not properly blocked by dyed window tint.

Metalized Window Tint

Metalized window tint is a specialized type of window tint film that incorporates metallic particles within its layers. This thicker film is made up of three layers: a metalized layer that darkens the glass and reflects heat; an adhesive base layer that adheres to the automobile window; and a treated layer that blocks UV rays. A protective top coat also reduces the possibility of nicks and scratches.

Advantages of Metalized Window Tint

Metalized window tint blocks glare and UV rays.

Doesn’t fade over time.

Durable features for long-lasting effectiveness.

Metalized window tint blocks and reflects heat, ensuring high heat reduction.

Provides privacy with a subtle shine.

Scratch-resistant for added durability.

Disadvantages of Metalized Window Tint

Higher Cost: Costs more than dyed tint due to the inclusion of metal particles.

Shiny Appearance: Metalized window tint has a shiny appearance, potentially conflicting with desired aesthetics.

Technological Interference: Interferes with radio signals, cell phone signals, and tire-pressure monitoring systems. Affects technology like GPS and may disrupt communication devices.

Hybrid Window Tint

Hybrid window tint combines the benefits of dyed and metalized window tints, eliminating drawbacks for a win-win solution. It is a high-performing choice with layers of adhesive, colored and metalized, and a protective top coat. Despite the common misperception that darker films reject more heat, hybrid window tints manage to block heat effectively without making the film appear lighter. With no downsides, this kind of tint provides the benefits of metalized and dyed films.

Advantages of Hybrid Window Tint

  • Blocks heat, glares, and UV rays.
  • Non-reflective appearance.
  • Doesn’t interfere with electronics.
  • Increased durability.
  • Cost-effective compared to metalized tint.
  • Reduces fading on interior upholstery.
  • Strength and efficiency in UV protection.
  • Provides privacy.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Window Tint

The primary disadvantage of hybrid window tinting is that it is more expensive than dyed tint. Although hybrid technology minimises disadvantages by combining the advantages of metalized and dyed films, the cost is still a significant consideration. Additionally, hybrid window tint still has signal interference, but it is less noticeable.

Carbon Window Tint

Your car’s windows will seem sleek and black thanks to carbon window tint films. They’re made with layers of carbon and polymer that block out harmful UV rays, protecting your car’s interior and preventing things like leather seats from fading. These films are different from the shiny tints you might be used to – they have a smooth matte finish that adds a touch of elegance to your ride.

Carbon window tints also help keep your car comfortable.  When it’s warm outside, the carbon particles in the tint can block a significant portion of the sun’s heat, keeping the interior cooler. Conversely, they trap heat inside the automobile during cold weather by acting as a blanket. This not only improves your driving experience but can also reduce your fuel costs because you won’t need to turn on the air conditioning as frequently. Although carbon tints may have higher initial costs, they are a good option for both style and utility because to their longevity, capacity to block UV rays, and negligible effect on signals.

Advantages of Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tint provides a natural black appearance without a reflective “mirror” look.

Protects both the car’s interior and occupants from harmful UV rays, blocking 99 percent of them.

Reduces heat and glare, enhancing comfort inside the car.

Does not interfere with signals, preserving the functionality of technology in the vehicle.

Carbon window tint is durable and does not fade over time, outlasting dyed films.

Carbon window tint is resistant to fading, ensuring a long-lasting and authentic black look.

Disadvantages of Carbon Window Tint

Higher Cost: Carbon window tint films are frequently more expensive compared to dyed and metalized tints.

Glare and Haze: Carbon window tinting may lead to the creation of glare and haze, potentially impacting visibility for the driver.

Ceramic Window Tint

When it comes to window tint, ceramic window tint is the premium option for car owners, providing the best quality available. To provide the best sight possible, it makes use of nonconductive and nonmetallic ceramic particles to reflect and lessen solar heat and UV radiation. In contrast to conventional tints, ceramic window tints offer outstanding protection without sacrificing design or visibility. They still allow for a clear view. They reject up to 99% of harmful radiation using infrared filtering and nanotechnology, greatly lowering the inside car temperature. Furthermore, ceramic tints are excellent at reducing glare, have a high shatter resistance, and keep out dirt and water. Although they are the most expensive option, their unmatched advantages make them the industry leader in window tinting.

Advantages of Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic tint allows electrical signals through without interference, ensuring seamless connectivity for your electronic devices.

It efficiently blocks heat, UV rays, and glare, maintaining a comfortable and protected interior environment.

It keeps the car cabin cool during scorching summers.

Ceramic window tint enhances privacy and safety by reducing visibility from the outside while maintaining clear views from within.

Its non-reflective nature ensures clarity of vision while driving, enhancing safety on the road.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Window Tint

Expensive Option: Ceramic window tint is the most expensive among Window tinting options.

Limited Privacy: Ceramic window tint provides less privacy compared to some other tinting materials.

FAQ’s About Types of Window Tints

Ceramic window tint is generally the most expensive due to its advanced technology and superior performance.

No, rain won't harm your newly tinted windows. However, avoid rolling down windows or washing your car for 2-3 days to allow the adhesive to cure properly.

The lifespan of window tint films varies depending on material and quality. High-quality ceramic or carbon window tints can last up to 10 years, while dyed window tints might need replacement after 5-7 years.

The Ultimate Guide to Ceramic Car Window Tint: What You Need to Know

Not many people know that harmful UV rays and heat can cause significant damage to your vehicles, such as photodegradation and oxidation. Photodegradation results in color fading, similar to bleach, by breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint. Simply applying ceramic car tint on your vehicles can extend the lifespan of your prized possession and improve its overall appearance. 

Ceramic window tints are more impactful and durable than regular window tinting options. Ceramic window tints don’t add thermal stress to glass and can very efficiently block UV rays from entering the car. 

In this block, we will walk you through everything that will help you expand your knowledge and understanding of ceramic car window tint and ways you can uplift the overall appearance of your valuable possession.  

Is ceramic window tint worth it?

Window tint coating on ceramic sheets is superior and more durable than the regular tinting option. Unlike other tinting options, ceramic windows are much safe and more convenient. They don’t add thermal stress and compromise the original texture of the glass. You easily block harmful UV rays, heat, and unwanted glare with the help of ceramic car tints. 

Comparatively, regular window tint makes glass heat up more and makes it uncomfortable for passengers to sit for a long time. If you are travel enthusiasts who love to travel with their vehicles, then ceramic car window tint is the ultimate option for you. 

At Tint Pros, we offer an extensive range of window tinting collections to help our customers select the most suitable and premium option based on their budget and other preferences. Explore our website or contact us at 703-491-8400 to learn more about our services. 

What is the benefit of ceramic window tint?

Knowing the benefits will help you make appropriate purchase decisions. Here are the amazing benefits of investing in ceramic car window tints

  1. High comfort 

Ceramic window tints make traveling on hot summer days manageable and convenient. It helps reduce heat and excessive load on your car’s AC/electrical system while traveling. Excessive load or heat inside the car can give rise to several unwanted issues.

  1. Greater visibility

Often UV sun rays can irritate the eyes and make it extremely challenging for drivers to ride in the vehicle for long hours. Ceramic auto tints can help block UV rays from entering the car and offer more visibility throughout the day. In fact fact, ceramic tints at night offer superior visibility compared to regular and other window tinting options. 

  1. Protection and privacy

When it comes to privacy, ceramic car window tint has simply no competition. By simply installing ceramic tint on your car, you can significantly reduce intruder glare without compromising the original texture or driver’s vision of your car. Additionally, ceramic tint can help create a strong bond with glass that keeps the shredded glass pieces intact in one place during car accidents or other unwanted events. 

  1. Visually appealing

Lastly, with the help of ceramic tints, you can enhance the visual appeal and make your car look stylish and new all year. This way, you don’t have to worry about changing your car covers while traveling to different places. 

At Tint Pros, we offer professional window tinting services at affordable and reasonable prices. By choosing us, you can enjoy a lifetime guarantee and professional installation services for residential and car window tints. Get in touch with us to discover the best car window tint options for your vehicles. 

How long does it take to put ceramic tint on the car?

Generally, it takes only a couple of hours to install ceramic tints on all glass windows of a car. However, depending on the type of ceramic tint, and condition of your car, and other related factors, the installation time may vary from one customer to another. 

Does ceramic tint scratch easily?

No, ceramic window tints don’t usually scratch off that easily. It is a scratch-resistant and highly durable tinting option lasting up to 10 years or more. Browse our website to discover the best ceramic window tint for your car at amazing rates. 

Does ceramic tint block heat?

Yes, ceramic tints can help block a significant amount of UV rays and heat inside your cars. However, discovering the most appropriate and best ceramic window tint at the appropriate price can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin from. Tint Pros will provide you with more information on ceramic window tint price and other concerns. Call us at 703-491-8400 to determine the exact costs for ceramic window tints for your vehicles. 

Does ceramic tint look clear from the inside?

The primary objective of ceramic window tint sheets is to block intruder invasion and UV rays from entering your vehicles. Ceramic windows help completely block glares, so outsiders cannot see what is inside or who is traveling in the car. 

Enhance your vehicles’ appearance and protection levels by installing premium quality ceramic window tints on your car windows. Explore our product section or get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about our services or find standard-quality ceramic window tints at affordable prices.

How Long Does It Take To Tint Windows of the Car

So you’ve got a fresh new ride and are already thinking about customizing it. One of the most popular ways to make your car stand out is by tinting the windows. In this article, we will answer a few common questions related to car tinting and more. 

What are the factors affecting the duration of window tinting?

Various things determine how long window tinting takes.

  • The brand of window tint and the quality of materials used are made using the highest quality film to ensure that they last longer.
  • The car’s exterior, as well as its windows’ design – oddly shaped windows and mirrors can make tinting challenging, not to mention lower than usual efficiency of tinted products.
  • The size of the car’s windows – larger windows usually mean more material used for installation which again translates into higher cost.
  • The type of car you have – most quality tinting products are meant for automatic windows.

How long does it take to tint a pair of front doors?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to tint windows, on average, it takes between 1-2 hours to tint both front doors of a car, that is how long window tinting takes. However, some may take less time than others depending on the process and type of car window tint used. For instance, if there is a clear coating present over the paint, that would need to be removed so that all layers can work on without damage or contamination from previous layers. 

How long does it take to tint your own car windows?

It depends on the complexity of the tinting. You might think that all you have to do is pick up a box of window tint and slap it on, but the process isn’t as straightforward as that. It includes choosing the right film, measuring, installing, and maintaining it.

It can take 15 to 30 minutes to install window film on each side of the window, depending on your skills. The amount of time will be determined by how much you can do at once and whether you have help. After all, it’s hard for one person to handle the cutting and application by themselves. It takes about an hour to tint a small car window. Hence, it is important to know how long does it take to tint windows.

How do you know if the window tint is dry?

Here are some signs that your new window tint is dry:

The film will look bubble free- nothing should be visible beneath the film. The film shouldn’t feel wet or sticky. The color should be uniform across the windshield. There will not appear any gaps between pieces of rubber in the window channel. How long does window tinting take? Well, you know now.

How long should you wait after tinting windows to roll them down?

You need to wait for six (6) to eight (8) hours after tint installation. Then test your windows by opening the rear window all the way down before rolling up and down any other windows. If this results in “bubbling” or lifting of any kind, then you need to wait longer. We suggest waiting an additional 10 hours. Usually, it depends on the type of car window tint.

How can you accelerate the drying process of your window?

Some things that can be done to help speed up the drying process for your new tinted window are:

Use an air conditioner or fan with fresh air going into your home to reduce humidity levels. 

Get as much air circulation around the window as possible. It’s important to get rid of excess moisture and humidity. If you’re still wondering how long it takes to tint windows, keep reading.

What should you do after tinting car windows?

It is advised to skip a car wash for a few days after installing car window tint in Woodbridge. There might be window tint bubbles caused by moisture, and these will disappear in a few days so it’s best to leave them alone. Be aware of pointy objects or people that can accidentally cause scratches to the fresh window tint. There, these are all the answers you need if you wonder how long it takes to tint a car.


This article went over the basic procedures and risks you would have to keep in mind if you’re looking to apply a fresh tint over your windows. If done with the correct care and no compromise for quality, they will come out exactly how you want them to! Now you know how long does it take to tint a window.

A Guide on 5 Different Types of Car Window Tint

When someone talks about vehicle updates, one of the best things to invest in is car window tints. Hands down one of the best upgrades that you can get for your car are tinted windows. It adds a certain aesthetic appeal to your vehicle while providing a sense of privacy for you and other passengers, keeping everyone safe. Apart from that, tints save your car’s interior by protecting it from sun exposure and keeping the car cool. When your car is exposed to the Sun, it heats up and is sometimes very uncomfortable and suffocating to travel in. But a car with tinted windows will be relatively cooler, even when exposed to the Sun.

Tint Pros offers you professional window tinting solutions with a lifetime warranty. In business since 1986, we have extensive knowledge and experience in this industry that can help take your car’s look to the next level while also making sure that everything is durable. Whether it is a car or truck, Tint Pros have the ideal tint solutions for your vehicle. We provide different types of tints to help you achieve the ideal look for your car. From metalized tints, to our new carbon series films for vehicles featuring navigation, satellite radio, and bluetooth, we are glad to provide you with ideal tinting solutions. 

Let’s explore different car window tint types that you can avail at Tint Pros to accentuate your car’s look: 




The best window tint type that is available in the market, providing incredible protection and a sleek look is ceramic tints. Featuring non-conductive metals, the tint consists of ceramic particles that give you the benefit of hybrid tints without fretting about any visibility issues, glare accidents, and fading. It can block up to 50% of heat from the Sun without compromising on visibility.  If you’re looking for ultimate protection, ceramic tints are a no-brainer since they are shatterproof, keeping you and your passengers extremely safe. Ceramic tints can block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your car’s space. These reasons explain why ceramic tints are relatively costlier than the rest. 




A layer of dye is stuck between a protective outer layer and an adhesive inner layer. This is known as a dyed window tint. After this process, the tint is applied to your vehicle’s window. s. Dyed window tints have been used extensively in the tinting market because it is the most popular option which is also very cheap. If you want to get darker windows and that is the only agenda for you to opt for tints, then dyed window tints are the ideal option for you as it is cost-effective and will help you reach your desired results. These tints also offer good visibility and some heat and sun protection. The only reason to hold back from these tints is that theycan fade over time because of being exposed to the Sun. 




Metalized window tints are special because the metal particles in the film bond with your car windows, giving it a long-lasting feature while also being rich in quality. Not only do these metal tints save you from UV rays, radiation, and heat but it also strengthen your windows. These tints give your car a very classy and elite look because of its reflective shine. The only setback of these tints is that the metal can interfere with GPS, phone reception, and radio. 




Metalized tints combined with dyed window tints make hybrid tints. Featuring an amalgamation of metal tints and dyed tints, hybrid tints give you the chance to enjoy all the main benefits of both the tints without having to deal with the disadvantages. Hybrid tints use both types of tints to successfully block out all light while giving your windows a fresh appearance along with a dark look. Hybrid tints are heavy on your pocket but if you invest in them, you’re bound to get the best features. 




If you’re wondering what all those edgy, sleek and polished matt black tints are, then you’re looking for carbon tints. This dark tint does an amazing job at blocking UV rays and protecting the interiors of your car while also providing optimum protection for the passengers inside. The best part of carbon tints is that it has no metals involved and hence there is no expected hindrance in terms of GPS, phone signal, and navigation. These tints are very expensive but deliver excellent results and are long-lasting. 

Car window tinting costs fluctuate on the basis of your liking and requirements. Expensive tinting options will come with a long-lasting feature and deliver great results. At Tint Pros we offer a lifetime warranty and an additional fade warranty for your tints. No matter what vehicle window tinting you’re looking for, we are here to help you out. Get in touch with us for car window tints in Woodbridge or visit our website today. We also accept walk-ins and timely appointments. 

6 Advantages of Choosing a Car-Vinyl Wrap Over Repainting

Retouching the appearance of your old car makes your car look brand new. The first thing that comes to mind is repainting, but the problem is repainting is expensive. If your car has turned old and you are planning to get it repainted, then a convenient and cost-effective solution for you is going for a car vinyl wrap. A vinyl wrap is a covering applied over the vehicle’s paintwork that enhances the appearance of you car with beautiful graphics and protects your paint work against UV rays. 


The wrapping is done in three steps; designing, casting it into a sheet, and lastly wrapping vinyl. Before applying the vinyl wrap, your car should be free from dust, dirt, grit, and car wax as these particles can interrupt vinyl sticking.  Wrapping a car has been around for a while now as many businesses use this for advertising purposes. Originally, this concept was designed for advertising only, but later many people started using it for personal purposes looking at its benefits. Apart from enhancing the appearance and providing protection, a vinyl wrap provides plenty of other benefits. If protection isn’t your primary concern, then there are various other benefits of getting a vinyl wrap for your car, read below to find more.

Paint Protection 

Car wrapping covers and protects the high-quality or factory paint job of your car. It shields the paint from weather exposure, rocks, debris, and normal wear time. If applied carefully, the vinyl won’t leave traces of sticky residue when removed. You don’t need to worry about the car paint unless it is a low-quality wrap. The paint can be pulled off while removing vinyl paper from your car, if it is of lower quality your car’s appearance would be affected which you won’t like.   

Advertising Opportunities

f An attractive vinyl sticker that immediately steals the attention of the passers-by which effectively spreads brand awareness. One marketing study calculated, on average a car-vinyl wrap generates 32, 804 to 75, 897 views a day of which 30% are potential customers. Even big corporations utilize vehicle wraps to market their business. An international marketing research firm found that 96.5% of first world countries i.e United States, Australia, and European countries own a vinyl-wrapped vehicle that travels at least 6 days a week. This way you can target the market spaces with a car wrap advertisement and quickly capture the attention of the people wherever you go. Vehicle advertising wraps promote your business regardless of your vehicle is in motion or parked somewhere. 


On average, a car vinyl wrap generally lasts for 5 to 7 years. If properly installed and maintained it can also last for up to 10 years. The durability also depends upon the quality of the vinyl paper. Most of the quality owners notice a difference in color and shine. You will identify when the vinyl paper is dead or needs replacement.  

Easy Maintenance 

Car vinyl wraps are easy to clean and maintain. The requirements for safe and stain-free cleaning are a chemical solution and a microfiber towel.  Hand washing is more convenient to retain the shine of your car without causing any damages to the outer surface. Cleaning your vehicle once a week will maintain the appearance of your car for a long time. To protect your car from harsh environmental conditions place your car in a closed space or cover it with a  good quality cover. 


The cost of vinyl wraps depends upon a handful of factors; the size of the car, the complexity of curves, the quality materials, and the design of vinyl. If you opt for a lower quality wrap the cost would be cheaper, but the cost of good-quality vinyl wraps is higher.  If you choose vehicle advertising wraps for business purposes the charges would be relatively higher because it is a method to inform maximum people about your business and is much more effective and cheaper than billboard advertising or television advertising. Vehicle vinyl wrapping though expensive provides longevity and appeals to maximum people.     

Easy Removal

If you feel like the vinyl cover has turned old and you are looking for a change, then the professionals can do it easily and charge you accordingly. High-quality wraps are easy to remove at a heat source. You do not have to worry about the condition of your car during the removal process. Experienced installers remove vinyl stickers very skillfully and make sure that your vehicle will look at its best after a wrap removal. If you want to upgrade your vinyl cover, state your preferences to the professional and you will receive it the way you expect.  

These are some of the benefits you will experience after applying a car vinyl sticker on your automobile, be it for personal or commercial use. These stickers will enhance the appearance of your car, attract maximum attention, and also might earn you some positive compliments. If you are excited to see your car glow and look different in the city traffic then, contact us to get your desires fulfilled and expect your car appearance enhanced and attention-worthy whose design won’t be easier to forget. 

Is Window Tinting Really As Beneficial As It Seems?

The idea of getting your windows tinted has always been a debate. Is it really worth the money? Does it even hold that many benefits? Moreover, isn’t getting your windows tinted illegal in certain countries? While certain questions might hold their stand in being partially right, they aren’t necessarily true. Window tinting holds a hefty amount of advantages, and yes, it is illegal in certain countries, but only if it exceeds a particular value.

For example, car window tints in Woodbridge cannot be darker than 50%. Moreover, the amount of light that can be blocked out changes depending on the car types as well. While sedans have to allow more than 50% of natural light, SUVs can use any level of darkness in their tints.

When we speak about the beneficial aspects of a window tint, the list of benefits could go on forever. This is a major reason why many individuals tend to opt for the same within the comforts of their homes as well.

The benefits are:

✍ Shatterproof: Probably the biggest advantage of tints, and yet the least spoken about, window tints help in making the glass of your car shatterproof. This can be highly advantageous, especially in accidents. Since window tints are sealed around the glass, if any mishappenings were to take place, the glass shards would automatically find themselves attached within the profile of the tint, preventing any severe damage from occurring due to flying shards. Besides the hint of luxury that tints are said to display, it has now begun to act as an added layer of protection.

✍ UV Rays Protection: It is a well-known fact that window tints provide protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This helps in the prevention of/aggravation of skin cancer, sunburn, premature aging, sun patches, etc. Moreover, it can also help keep your car seats intact. If the sun’s rays fail to reach your car’s interiors at the same intensity as before, the leather seats will not fade, warp or crack due to the excessive heat. Needless to say, tints help in keeping cool during summer. By blocking out the ultraviolet rays, it automatically blocks out the heat of the sun as well.

✍ Increases Privacy: Depending on the tint darkness that you end up choosing for your car, the level of privacy that you receive will automatically increase. Most professional drivers and individuals that want to keep their children safe on a long journey choose to put up window tints solely for this purpose. Most professional drivers like to keep their customer’s journeys discreet and safe by blocking out everything that is happening in the car through this tint. This also helps in reducing the potential risks of theft when you leave your car parked in an open space. If car robbers fail to look through the glass, they’re more likely to be demotivated to act as a threat towards that particular car.

The best car window tints will always be sealed with great care and go on to serve you for a minimum of 5 years (some even go up to 10 years). At Tint Pros Online, we help you save your money by saving your car. Our services begin from but are not limited to auto window tints. We even provide tints for homes, commercial and decorative use.

Getting a car tint is about more than just a layer of protection. It is about getting the satisfaction you signed up for. With our help, you’ll be able to keep both your car and you in a fine state, just as you ought to be. 

Squeeze a Little Sunscreen And a Car Tint To Save You From Summer Long Rides

Trivia time! According to most studies, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Amazing, right? But if you are smart, then this trivia might not sound as amazing and new to you. For instance, let’s take another interesting trivia, even though it is old but it is gold. The earth’s atmosphere is thinning by the second caused by the greenhouse gasses (i.e., carbon dioxide, methane, and the like), leaving the people, us, to suffer from the dangers of ultraviolet rays from the sun. The sun’s scorching heat is cruel, but aren’t we responsible for the thinning of the ozone layer, who to blame, then?

The damage is done. Of course, we can just go and try to preserve ourselves in the best we can. We don’t want to die of radiation and similar scary factors, do we? So, what is the key to self-preservation in this context? The handiest is the sunscreen lotion. Be sure to buy those with a high sun protection factor (SPF). Now, don’t be stingy. Even if those are expensive, they are for your good anyway. Another thing, get the best car window tint, you will be needing that to enjoy those long summer car rides.

Okay, car window tinting can’t just be bought in supermarkets like SPF lotions. One needs to contact an expert to do the job for you. The professional more likely has the materials needed for the project, like a window film. Be sure to look for professionals with the necessary skills and experience.

One more thing, choose for a window film that protects you from ultraviolet rays. Getting car window tinting without UV protection will not help, no matter how fancy or colorful or cool that is. Let us use our common sense here. Self-preservation is our goal here. Not glamour.

Perhaps you might also consider putting up ultraviolet protection for your house. I mean, you have walls and curtains, but you can’t always be sure. You know that, right? Extra protection is always better. These are harmful elements we are dealing with here.

Car window tinting is easier than you could have ever anticipated. Meticulously follow the below-mentioned steps to tint your car windows flawlessly.

✍ Collect material that would be required for car window tinting before you start the process.

✍ Use the outside of your car window as a template and cut out sheets of the exact size. Ensure that you do that for all the windows in one go. Sticking one and going to a cut sheet for the other is not the best way to go about it.

✍ Side windows need to be sprayed with a mixture of water and soap.

✍ Any residue should be removed by using a razor.

✍ A 4-inch squeegee could be used to get rid of residue. The residue needs to be passed out of the film.

✍ Then the tint needs to be applied to the window. Make sure that you leave about 1/4 to 1/16 inch from the edge (top edge) as that part would get covered when the windows are rolled up and the door is closed.

✍ The tint then needs to be pressed into the inner rubber seal of the car window.

✍ A card can be used so that the film goes even to every corner.

✍ To ensure that the film is cleanly stuck, you should use a hand dryer over the window. Ensure to blow-dry till the time there is no moisture content between the tint film and the glass.

✍ Then go for tinting the front car window in the same fashion.

✍ Thereafter the back car window needs to be done, without skipping a single step.

✍ Then the number of defroster heater lines needs to be counted on the back window.

✍ The rear window film sheet needs to be cut into the required panels.

✍ Place the panels one over the other. Where the two panels overlap identify the heater lines.

✍ Trim in case of defroster lines

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5 Reasons As To Why Your Car Need Window Tint

Your car is not only one of the most expensive things that you hold, but it is also probably one of the most precious things you own. Like you take care of your home dedicatedly, it is also very crucial to take care of your car. Regular car maintenance is necessary for your car to function effectively for many years. While talking about maintenance, you generally consider washing, oiling, engine tune-up, brake, and so on. But there is one more important factor, which most people overlook is the car’s window. Have you ever thought of taking care of your car’s windows? I assume the answer is probably no.  Even if you consider your car’s windows, you only end up with cleaning them. You may be surprised to know that window tint can play a major role in your car’s maintenance.

Window’s Tint is more than just an enhancing attachment. Your car’s look with the tinted window is actually a mere benefit of tint. The tint has many more amazing benefits that are worth considering. Here are a few long-lasting benefits of window’s tint:

 Tint block the harmful UV Rays: 

UV rays are damaging to your car as well as to you. It can affect your car’s interior and your skin. UV rays are dangerous for skin cancer and accelerate various skin irritations. Car’s window tint is capable to block 99% of the UV rays from entering your car. This directly acts as a protection gate for your sensitive skin. Protecting UV rays from affecting your skin and car interior is one of the major advantages of the tinted window.

 Keeps the car cool 

You all know that the summer months are brutal to your skin and mood. You will feel irritated as soon as the sun’s rays fall on your face while driving, or you will feel daunting if you open your car, and all you can feel is heat. Window tint can significantly alleviate this heat and reducing your car’s temperature to a minimum. Tint can reduce the heat of the car by almost 70 percent. If your car remains cool, you will feel more comfortable, and your mood will not turn into displeasure due to the sun’s heat.

 Increased privacy 

Do you really want to allow everyone to look into your car while you are on the road or while you are in a parking lot? You obviously do not wish to allow outsiders to look into your valuables inside the car.  Windows with professional tint hints will help you in providing the utmost privacy. It will protect your valuables from theft. Thieves typically look for quick grabs when they are robbing on the road, and if they fail to easily see what’s inside your car, this will keep your belongings safe. Moreover, it will keep the people who you are traveling with safe. There are a wide number of professional tints available. To choose the best car window tint, visit Tint Pros, the ultimate destination for top-notch car windows tint.

 Shattered glass protection 

There are serious safety advantages of window tint. The safety of installing window film in your car is something not to underestimate. They are specially designed to keep the glass from shattering if an object hits it. If any sudden accident/incident happens, it will protect the passengers from flying glass shards and from being ejected through windows. Additional, it will be difficult for thieves to break through the tinted glass and get into your car.


Last but not least. Adding tint to your car’s window will give the car a finished look while cutting the harmful rays and summer heat from making a way to your car’s comfort. There are many kinds of films available, so you can choose the one that best fits your car.

 Final thoughts! 

The tint not only will protect you and your car but, it a great enhancement to increase the lifespan of your precious car. It is essential to choose the right tint for your car in order to receive the maximum benefits for the same. Tint Pros can help you choose the most suitable tint for your car. Whether you are looking for Auto Window Tinting in Woodbridge, decorative films or commercial films, we are capable of fulfilling all your custom tint requirements. Grab all our superior window tinting products here.

Why Should You Give Importance To Car Window Tinting?

Nothing can ruin an aesthetic of a gorgeous car like how shoddy tint may do. The worst part is still trying to see through it.

Tinting your car windows not only enhances the car beauty, but there are many other benefits you should think of. Now a day, vehicle manufacturers are offering windows with factory tints on their vehicles. Generally, it is done on only rear windows. Factory tints are done through dying. There will be some degree of the level to which the front window top to be tinted to help to reflect the glare of the sun. It can be seen on old vehicles as a graduated green strip.

Do you know that tinted cars are safer than un-tinted ones? This is because the best car window tint can protect passengers from any injuries during an accident. A direct impact on the car creates a higher risk of shattered glass flying and injuring the passengers. If tint is on the car window, then it will hold the glass in one place.

Also, it has been reported that a higher risk of skin cancer is occurring. It depends on how much amount of time one spends every day outside and exposing your skin to UV rays. Even tinted car windows help to keep personal belongings safe.

Importance of Car Tint

  • Energy Efficiency

Tinted windows reduce the heat inside a car. It helps the car to remain cool. This is important specifically when your drive car in the summer season and you cannot withstand those heat. A tint reduces the heat inside a car up to 70%. Moreover, less energy is needed because you use only less air conditioner. The air condition takes less time to cook the car because there tint plays the role.

With a proper car window tint, keep the heat outside and not to fear about getting pitched up at work after sopping wet from sweat.
One of the main advantages of window tints is that it reduces heat inside the car. Even a normal glass window filters out 30% of the warmness from the sun while a professional tinted window can filter even more than 80%.

The primary advantage of tinting is this warmth reduction inside the car and provides the comfortability and luxury cool situation even during the summer period.

  • Privacy

It is the most obvious thing and one of the common reasons why people tint their car windows. To some certain level, this window tints prevent other people from seeing inside. But it makes even criminal thinks to happen twice more than otherwise. You may not feel about leaving your cell phone or your laptop inside the care at the backseat. When you make your windows darker, it may become harder to see inside. You get an added security feeling that your valuables in the car are not completely exposed to the world outside.

  • Interior protection

Your car is the most valuable asset for some people, who have to last for a longer time. When you tint your car window professionally, it is the incredible way of saving the money. Tinted windows protect harsh sun rays that will get faded upholstery

It is no secret that direct sunlight beams into the car interior and can damage the leather seriously. At the least, it may discolor the car interior that will be unsightly. It is said that window tint in Woodbridge significantly changes the car appearance from inside as how much from outside.

Tints prevent vehicles interior from getting cracks and wraps around by keeping the car looks new for long years. Window tints even protect windshield glare by reducing eye fatigue causing from direct sun rays and harsh headlights of night.

Importance and Necessity of a Car Window Tint and Its Impact

Every person in this world has a desire to lead a luxurious life. A person always dreams of giving his family and loves one’s life full of comfort and happiness. He works day and night investing his time to earn money which in turn can help fulfill his materialistic needs. Owning a car is one such luxury that every person longs for. It is a dream asset for every individual. A well-known saying prevails if you purchase an elephant, be ready to bear its expenditure. Owning a car is no less than owning an elephant, its maintenance, gas; diesel etc. sometimes takes a toll. Nevertheless, every problem comes with a solution too.

Importance of glass tinting

A car is a luxury product but as time passes by it has become a necessity for every individual. The usage of a car as a cab is the best concept accepted by all. It is of utmost importance for a cab owner to keep his car the most comfortable vehicle preferred by a person to travel. Car window tint in Woodbridge has won the heart of people by its good quality services. Car window tint in Woodbridge is one of the favored destinations for getting the window film tint. Auto window tinting in Woodbridge requires adequate knowledge about the type of window tinting to be done.

The lower quality of the window film tint might result in damaging of the car. It can spoil the look of a car by making it appear untidy. Cab nowadays is the most preferred and easily available means of transport for people in the United States. Window film tint in cabs should be done such that is protects a customer from the heat and radiating solar rays.

Ideal window film

A window tint can be considered ideal if it lasts lifelong. The quality of car tint should be such that it enhances the look of the car, crimpled free and durable for a longer run. Lower quality of the car tint will start fading away in a year or two making the vehicle look ugly. The film which is of not good quality will turn purple and shall separate from the glass due to extreme heat. This results in unwanted expenditure on a person. The brand selection of the window film tint should be done carefully. Appropriate research should be done by a person for which is the best window film tint that will be suitable for the cars.

Trustworthy brands for tinting window films

The well-known tint shops in the United States uses branded window film tint for cars, trucks etc. They understand the importance of asset maintenance and leave no room for the customer complaint. The auto-tinting window film brands used by them are Suntek Window film, Huper Optik, Solar Gard etc.  This brands offer high-quality window film which can help control the excessive heat entering the car.

The high-performance window film tint can prevent hampering GPS, Navigation or satellite radio signals being used in the car.

Advantages of auto window tint

There are exceptional advantages of using the branded auto window film tint which stands different from the regular window film used. Some of them are it gives a lifetime warranty, reduction by 99% of contracting with harmful ultraviolet rays, heat percolation is reduced up to 60%,  reduced load on air condition, vehicle upholstery and interior of the car are saved from cracking and fading away. Most important of all the factors, window film tint prevents skin from the exposure to harmful solar radiation resulting in worst skin diseases and skin cancer.