A Guide on 5 Different Types of Car Window Tint

When someone talks about vehicle updates, one of the best things to invest in is car window tints. Hands down one of the best upgrades that you can get for your car are tinted windows. It adds a certain aesthetic appeal to your vehicle while providing a sense of privacy for you and other passengers, keeping everyone safe. Apart from that, tints save your car’s interior by protecting it from sun exposure and keeping the car cool. When your car is exposed to the Sun, it heats up and is sometimes very uncomfortable and suffocating to travel in. But a car with tinted windows will be relatively cooler, even when exposed to the Sun.

Tint Pros offers you professional window tinting solutions with a lifetime warranty. In business since 1986, we have extensive knowledge and experience in this industry that can help take your car’s look to the next level while also making sure that everything is durable. Whether it is a car or truck, Tint Pros have the ideal tint solutions for your vehicle. We provide different types of tints to help you achieve the ideal look for your car. From metalized tints, to our new carbon series films for vehicles featuring navigation, satellite radio, and bluetooth, we are glad to provide you with ideal tinting solutions. 

Let’s explore different car window tint types that you can avail at Tint Pros to accentuate your car’s look: 




The best window tint type that is available in the market, providing incredible protection and a sleek look is ceramic tints. Featuring non-conductive metals, the tint consists of ceramic particles that give you the benefit of hybrid tints without fretting about any visibility issues, glare accidents, and fading. It can block up to 50% of heat from the Sun without compromising on visibility.  If you’re looking for ultimate protection, ceramic tints are a no-brainer since they are shatterproof, keeping you and your passengers extremely safe. Ceramic tints can block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your car’s space. These reasons explain why ceramic tints are relatively costlier than the rest. 




A layer of dye is stuck between a protective outer layer and an adhesive inner layer. This is known as a dyed window tint. After this process, the tint is applied to your vehicle’s window. s. Dyed window tints have been used extensively in the tinting market because it is the most popular option which is also very cheap. If you want to get darker windows and that is the only agenda for you to opt for tints, then dyed window tints are the ideal option for you as it is cost-effective and will help you reach your desired results. These tints also offer good visibility and some heat and sun protection. The only reason to hold back from these tints is that theycan fade over time because of being exposed to the Sun. 




Metalized window tints are special because the metal particles in the film bond with your car windows, giving it a long-lasting feature while also being rich in quality. Not only do these metal tints save you from UV rays, radiation, and heat but it also strengthen your windows. These tints give your car a very classy and elite look because of its reflective shine. The only setback of these tints is that the metal can interfere with GPS, phone reception, and radio. 




Metalized tints combined with dyed window tints make hybrid tints. Featuring an amalgamation of metal tints and dyed tints, hybrid tints give you the chance to enjoy all the main benefits of both the tints without having to deal with the disadvantages. Hybrid tints use both types of tints to successfully block out all light while giving your windows a fresh appearance along with a dark look. Hybrid tints are heavy on your pocket but if you invest in them, you’re bound to get the best features. 




If you’re wondering what all those edgy, sleek and polished matt black tints are, then you’re looking for carbon tints. This dark tint does an amazing job at blocking UV rays and protecting the interiors of your car while also providing optimum protection for the passengers inside. The best part of carbon tints is that it has no metals involved and hence there is no expected hindrance in terms of GPS, phone signal, and navigation. These tints are very expensive but deliver excellent results and are long-lasting. 

Car window tinting costs fluctuate on the basis of your liking and requirements. Expensive tinting options will come with a long-lasting feature and deliver great results. At Tint Pros we offer a lifetime warranty and an additional fade warranty for your tints. No matter what vehicle window tinting you’re looking for, we are here to help you out. Get in touch with us for car window tints in Woodbridge or visit our website today. We also accept walk-ins and timely appointments.