6 Advantages of Choosing a Car-Vinyl Wrap Over Repainting

Retouching the appearance of your old car makes your car look brand new. The first thing that comes to mind is repainting, but the problem is repainting is expensive. If your car has turned old and you are planning to get it repainted, then a convenient and cost-effective solution for you is going for a car vinyl wrap. A vinyl wrap is a covering applied over the vehicle’s paintwork that enhances the appearance of you car with beautiful graphics and protects your paint work against UV rays. 


The wrapping is done in three steps; designing, casting it into a sheet, and lastly wrapping vinyl. Before applying the vinyl wrap, your car should be free from dust, dirt, grit, and car wax as these particles can interrupt vinyl sticking.  Wrapping a car has been around for a while now as many businesses use this for advertising purposes. Originally, this concept was designed for advertising only, but later many people started using it for personal purposes looking at its benefits. Apart from enhancing the appearance and providing protection, a vinyl wrap provides plenty of other benefits. If protection isn’t your primary concern, then there are various other benefits of getting a vinyl wrap for your car, read below to find more.

Paint Protection 

Car wrapping covers and protects the high-quality or factory paint job of your car. It shields the paint from weather exposure, rocks, debris, and normal wear time. If applied carefully, the vinyl won’t leave traces of sticky residue when removed. You don’t need to worry about the car paint unless it is a low-quality wrap. The paint can be pulled off while removing vinyl paper from your car, if it is of lower quality your car’s appearance would be affected which you won’t like.   

Advertising Opportunities

f An attractive vinyl sticker that immediately steals the attention of the passers-by which effectively spreads brand awareness. One marketing study calculated, on average a car-vinyl wrap generates 32, 804 to 75, 897 views a day of which 30% are potential customers. Even big corporations utilize vehicle wraps to market their business. An international marketing research firm found that 96.5% of first world countries i.e United States, Australia, and European countries own a vinyl-wrapped vehicle that travels at least 6 days a week. This way you can target the market spaces with a car wrap advertisement and quickly capture the attention of the people wherever you go. Vehicle advertising wraps promote your business regardless of your vehicle is in motion or parked somewhere. 


On average, a car vinyl wrap generally lasts for 5 to 7 years. If properly installed and maintained it can also last for up to 10 years. The durability also depends upon the quality of the vinyl paper. Most of the quality owners notice a difference in color and shine. You will identify when the vinyl paper is dead or needs replacement.  

Easy Maintenance 

Car vinyl wraps are easy to clean and maintain. The requirements for safe and stain-free cleaning are a chemical solution and a microfiber towel.  Hand washing is more convenient to retain the shine of your car without causing any damages to the outer surface. Cleaning your vehicle once a week will maintain the appearance of your car for a long time. To protect your car from harsh environmental conditions place your car in a closed space or cover it with a  good quality cover. 


The cost of vinyl wraps depends upon a handful of factors; the size of the car, the complexity of curves, the quality materials, and the design of vinyl. If you opt for a lower quality wrap the cost would be cheaper, but the cost of good-quality vinyl wraps is higher.  If you choose vehicle advertising wraps for business purposes the charges would be relatively higher because it is a method to inform maximum people about your business and is much more effective and cheaper than billboard advertising or television advertising. Vehicle vinyl wrapping though expensive provides longevity and appeals to maximum people.     

Easy Removal

If you feel like the vinyl cover has turned old and you are looking for a change, then the professionals can do it easily and charge you accordingly. High-quality wraps are easy to remove at a heat source. You do not have to worry about the condition of your car during the removal process. Experienced installers remove vinyl stickers very skillfully and make sure that your vehicle will look at its best after a wrap removal. If you want to upgrade your vinyl cover, state your preferences to the professional and you will receive it the way you expect.  

These are some of the benefits you will experience after applying a car vinyl sticker on your automobile, be it for personal or commercial use. These stickers will enhance the appearance of your car, attract maximum attention, and also might earn you some positive compliments. If you are excited to see your car glow and look different in the city traffic then, contact us to get your desires fulfilled and expect your car appearance enhanced and attention-worthy whose design won’t be easier to forget.