6 Modifications that are Totally Reversible

Customizing your vehicle could lower down the resale value especially if the customization is done are permanent! However, some customization’s like car window tint, customized wheels, etc. can be reversible. While modifications like engine swapping, performance exhausts, and body kits cannot be reversed as they are permanent modifications.

Take a look at these modifications that you can swap your ride from funky to normal within a few hours!

 1. Window Tint

Window Tints are used to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and offers you privacy as well! Like a pair of sunglasses which are available in various shades, window tints are also available in a number of shades depending upon your budget and choice! However, you can visit the nearest car garage to get the best car window tint for your vehicle.

car window tint

Furthermore, the window tints will also give strength to the glass and prevents them from shattering in case of an accident! If you get bored from it, you can just simply peel it off!

2. Wheels

Wheels are the simplest way to modify your car and define its aesthetics. Today, you can get many options to modify your wheels, from sporty to classy, wheels can really define one’s choice! There are some many online sites from where you can search for the custom wheels which fits in your budget. You can even get a glimpse on how they will actually look on your vehicle!

However, If you can buy a pair of new wheels then you can get a set of aftermarket wheels and customize your vehicle without disturbing your budget!

3. Vinyl Wrap

A few years back, you need to pay hundreds of dollars and time in order to customize the paint of the car as it needs to repaint it over again! Thanks to the invention of the vinyl wrap! With the help of the vinyl wrap, you can customize any vehicle within a few hours without spending much!


You can wrap your car in any design you like within a few hours! The best thing about the wrap is that you can remove it whenever you want!

4. Plasti Dip

Plasti dip was basically a rubberized coating that was used to apply on the handles of pliers and hedge clippers. In the recent years, the plasti dip is has become a styling tool for the import tuners. These are available in a variety of colors in the form of spray cans. It gives a low-gloss rubbery finish to vehicles which peels off when you want it gone!

Moreover, you can use it where vinyl won’t reach and paint your chrome grills and body trim into the matte black for a bold look! Spray your wheels red to give it an all-new sporty feel. You can buy the custom bundle starting from $300-$500. It is also DIY friendly that means you can do the customization in your backyard and cheaper than vinyl!

5. Better than New

Car manufacturers are making some parts of the vehicles interchangeable. All you need to do is a little bit of market research and you are ready to go! You can change the steering wheel of the car to a sportier one or wrap your shift knob into leather or chrome your door trims!

You can even attach a reverse parking camera along with parking sensors or a hi-tech infotainment system with best-in-class car speakers! You can even modify your vehicle from the parts available in the aftermarket to save your money as well. Don’t damage your car parts while removing so you can reinstall it whenever you want!

Final Words

These are some of the modifications you can do all by yourself or you can get help from experts for changing wheels, applying vinyl or apply window tints in Woodbridge! However, you can even change the seat covers, add performance parts for better ride quality and sportier feel!