An Ultimate Guide To Window Tinting in Woodbridge Virginia

window tinting Woodbridge Virginia

Just look around and you will find a number of vehicles with dark black windows on roads. These are tint films installed on the car windows and it has many benefits. Not just cars, people are going to residential and commercial window tinting too across the USA to avail some mind-blowing benefits it offers. The procedure is very simple: hire a window tint installer and he will do the rest.

Even the medical community suggests installing window tint film on hospital windows and other medical vehicles due to its benefits. According to a research paper by the Window Film Magazine, dermatologist and surgeon general Lushniak advocated window tinting to reduce the risk of cancer by high exposure to the sun. “We’ve seen increases [in melanoma cases] — almost tripling over the last 30 years … we need to do something about it,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post.

It has been clear to you why window tinting is important. Not just it protects you from direct sun exposure, there are many other reasons. Let’s discuss one by one”

Why Is Window Tinting Important?

If you don’t make up your mind for window tinting, you are not alone. There are many people who think similarly to not to go with such additional costs. However, there are enough reasons to motivate you to call a window tint shop in your area right away.


If you love privacy in your home, office or in the car, you should go for window tint installation. You don’t want to tell people about your personal or professional affairs, do you? Install a window tint film and secure utmost privacy.

A Classic Finish:

If the window tinting job is done by an expert, it will totally change the ambiance of your home, commercial building or car. It will give a classier and superior look that you always wanted.

Protects Valuable Upholstery:

Yes, direct sun rays damage your car’s valuable upholstery to a great extent. You can improve their life and performance by installing window tinting. It prevents vehicle interiors from fading. What’s more, not just the car, your home, and office furniture will stay with you for a long period if you have installed a tint film.

Protects From UV Rays:

It is not just vehicle interiors, but you too need to be protected from direct sun exposure. You obviously don’t know about how UV rays can damage your skin. A long time exposure might lead to skin cancer too. By installing a window tinting film on your vehicle windows, you are protecting you and your loved ones.

Smooth And Comfortable Driving:

If you have installed a window tint film on your car windows, you will notice that your driving has become more smooth and comfortable. A tint film reduces glares and heat and gives you good and cheerful times when you drive.

Don’t you find these reasons enough to hire a tint professional now?

Choosing The Best Window Film:

The next portion of this post is to find out about different types of tint films and how to select the right one. Stay with me to know more:

When it comes to window tinting, there are many options you have to go for. Here, there are decorative tint films, automotive tint films and many more. Here, we will discuss basic four window tinting films that are used by window tint installers.

Carbon Films:

A non-metal tinting option that is a perfect solution for modern cars with sensitive electronic antennas, carbon films are most popular as they don’t block phone, GPS, radio, wireless and satellite signals from entering in your car. It is the most preferred tint film among all.

Metallic Window Films:

If heat and UV protection are the reasons why you are opting for tinting, you better choose metallic window film for your car. They completely block them. However, there is a drawback here. You might find it difficult to get cellphone and GPS signal with these films. Furthermore, it is shinier than other films.

Coating Window Tinting:

It is a sprayed-on window tinting technique and lasts for a long period. People often go for it with a DIY method, but it is recommended that you hire professionals to get that superior finishing and classy look.

Infrared Films:

It serves multiple purposes. It looks great once installed perfectly and also has superior performance. In addition to that, it does not interfere with technology. It is non-corrosive and non-fading, so forget about maintenance and cleaning issues. Also, solar and UV heat protection is higher than other tinting films.

How To Install Window Film?

Let’s move now on how to install a window tint film on your car, home or any commercial building. It is actually a complex, messy and detailed process and it is better if you leave it to the professionals as by going for DIY, you might end up making some mistakes. Here is a window tint installation process in nutshell:

Clean Thoroughly:

I am not talking about cleaning the windows with a piece of cloth. Don’t misread it like general cleaning. Buy some window cleaning accessories to clean the windows completely. A suggestion- use a squeegee to clean thoroughly. If there are any remaining residues, use a razor to remove them off.

Measure And Cut:

It is a really tricky as well as important part of the process. First, unroll the film onto the inside of the window and cut the film as per the size of the window. Leave one inch from both sides to have a superior finish and total coverage.


Start with the top of the inside casket first and slowly move the film upwards. Trim the vertical edge and then keep trimming to fit the top of the glass.

Apply & Expose:

Spray the solution you have got with the tint film liberally. Next, expose the adhesive solution to the film.

Apply Tint:

You will need a squeegee to complete the process. Carefully move the film onto the glass and slowly go from the bottom to the top. Use a squeegee to press the film from the middle and remove any bubbles and wrinkles that come on the way. Roll the window up and apply the film till the inside casket.


Window Tinting Laws:

Laws are for our safety and protection and we should abide by them. When it comes to window tinting, there are different rules and regulations in each state. The strength of the tinting is limited from state to state and from region to region among states too.

In Woodbridge, VA, the car window tinting laws came into effect in 1999 and there are some tinting specifications that a user have to abide. You can read all the window tint laws for Virginia here:

Tint Darkness For Sedans:

Windshield: Non-reflective tint is permitted above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

Front Side windows: Must allow more than 50% of light in.

Back Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

Rear Window: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

Tint Darkness For SUV And Vans:

Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

Front Side windows: Must allow more than 50% of light in.

Back Side windows: No limitation.

Rear Window: No limitation.

Furthermore, Window Tint Reflection must not be more than 20% reflective in any cars. Also, some colors are not permitted such as red, yellow and amber. If you want to use stickers, you can use them. Medical exemptions are allowed in certain cases.

How Much Does It Cost For Window Tinting Installation?

Again, it varies from the state to state. For example, if you go for car tinting in Miami, you might be surprised by the high prices they offer. However, in general, there are no high and unaffordable costs associated with window tint film installation. It generally ranges from $200 to 800$. furthermore, it also depends on the size of the work too. A little sedan might just need $100 for tint film installation and an SUV might cost you around $1000.

Moreover, if you want to tint your residential or commercial property, it might end up costing you more. However, if you compare the benefits you are getting the cost, you are getting value for every single penny you are spending.

Best Window Tinting Provider in Woodbridge, VA

If you search on the internet or your local business directory, you will find a number of window tinting service providers. However, all are not competent enough to carry out the task superlatively. If you are looking for a best window tinting provider in Woodbridge, VA, you can rely on professional window tinting services offered by one of the premium tint film installers in the area. They have years of experience at their side and a team of tint experts who simply love their job.


Window tinting has some unparalleled benefits whether you opt it for your car, home or office. If you are annoyed with the high temperature at home or office, a window tint installation reduces interior temperature up to 15º. Also, it reduces glare up to 85% and stops UV rays from entering your home by 99.9%.

Not just that, it will also reduce your energy bills to a great extent. Your home, car or office will have a new value and appearance once you install the window tint film.

Top 7 Factors To Consider For Selection Of A Tinting Company

You must have heard about the advantages of tinting windows, be it in your home or your car. The advantages range from better looks and heat insulation to increased privacy and safety. They also save you money by reducing your energy bills because of better insulation. To achieve good looks that you expect from the tints, it is important to hire a professional window tinting company.


Best Car Window Tint


Here are a few factors that will help you in determining which tinting company you should select.


  1. Look For Good Quality:

A bad tint is easily noticeable and can spoil the looks of the windows of your house. This is the reason you should hire a company that has technicians who know how tinting is done. If it is done unprofessionally, air bubbles can get trapped inside the film. Also, around the corners, the film get peeled off really quick.


  1. Experience Matters:

Tinting requires skills which can only be learned when you have a good experience. You must look for a company that has been in this business for long and have experienced technicians. You can ask them about their years of experience and track record before making a decision.


  1. Check For The Equipment They Use:

A good company will be using advanced equipment and tools to apply the film to the window. These tools will help the technician complete the tinting not only quickly but also efficiently. You should check if the company has these types of equipment and whether they use them efficiently.

With proper installation technique, the tinting will not take long. Technicians who are not trained well, generally take longer time in installation and can take your whole day.


  1. Ask For Client Feedback:

You can and you must ask for contacts of the people the company has served before. Contact at least three to four of them and ask them about their experience with the company and the behavior of the technicians. Also, you can ask for the address of their customer who is in your neighborhood. You can then go and check how the tint looks on their window.


  1. Do Some Research and Ask For Options:

There are many tinting materials available in the market, you can ask them or check on the internet. If the company has a wide range of tint options, you should go for it. You can ask the technicians which tint will work best for you.


  1. Look For Warranty:

A good tinting company will provide warranty on their tints. You should always ask for warranties since you cannot know, just by looking at the tint if it will be durable or not. Only a good company will be so sure of their work and material to provide this.


  1. Check With Many Companies:

After going through all the above process, the last thing that you should check is the prices that the company quotes. It is advisable to at least take the quotes of three companies before you decide which one you should go with. Ask them if the prices are inclusive of all the charges and go with the one who quotes the lowest.

Window tinting has a number of benefits which makes it a necessity. You can go through the above-mentioned selection process even if you want the best car window tint installed in your car.