Auto Window Tinting – How Does It Work?

The window tinting for cars is a thin laminate film that is carefully installed on the exterior of the vehicle on the glass surface. There are many different types of the auto window around made from a different type of material like charcoal dye, ceramic, etc. Each offers a varying level of protection against UV rays. This has many different applications like the reduction of heat and glare, protection from intense UV rays of the sun as well as it provides thermal insulation.

Tints Pro are the experts when it comes to auto window tinting in Woodbridge. We offer many types of window tinting. There are many benefits of using windows tints on your vehicle, this article explains how windows tinting works and some of the common benefits of using it.

How Does Auto Window Tint Work? 

Auto windows tints serve the main purpose of reducing the amount of heat entering the car and doing so, helps provide thermal protection. The law pertaining to windows tint is different in each state in the USA, hence it is advisable to first look up specifications for your respective state prior to selecting a window tint for your car.

 On average, most car windows will allow sunlight to enter this includes visible light as well as UV light and infrared light.

 Placing a tint film the window is highly beneficial since it absorbs a high percentage of the intense UV Rays.

 When a vehicle is placed outside on a hot day it is likely to get very hot even if the parking time is less than 1 hour. This affects occupants of the car if taking it for a spin, but that not all. It will also affect the dashboard, cabin itself and steering wheel not to mention the fact that the seats may fade faster.

 Once you place a windows tint film on your vehicle it will successfully block 35 to 65% of the solar heat thus preventing the interior of your vehicle from getting very hot. It will also block approximately 99% of the harmful UV rays. Thus, this can prevent damage to the interior of the vehicle as well as ensure there is a cool car to return to for the occupants.

Benefits of using Window Tint in Woodbridge 

Tints Pro is the place to get your window tinting in Woodbridge and be sure that you have a good quality tint. We offer many different brands and a lifetime warranty too to boost your confidence and to provide assurance that your window tint will not become opaque; peel off or hard to see through within a month of application.

Some of the popular window tints brands we offer include SunTek which is a high-performance series film that is available in many shades and one that is charcoal dyed. This is a dark film that provides high-level protection but does not interfere with the navigation and satellite radio signals. The other brands include Solar Gard and Huper Optik which are also quite effective and made from different materials like ceramic, etc. These brands offer a high level of protection against UV rays work out as the best option to protect your vehicle against the intense sun rays.

Here are some of the top benefits of opting for windows tint for your car 

 It offers greater aesthetic value to your vehicle providing it a clean finish that complements the color of your vehicle.

 There can be nothing worse than having to enter a car that has been parked in the sun for over an hour since it would be nothing short of a furnace inside, making it hard to drive as well. Taking advantage of a good window tint means you have greater comfort driving off in your parked vehicle without worrying about the blazing hot steering wheel.

 UV rays are very harmful to us as well as the vehicle itself. Window Tints is the best solution for this since it can successfully block 99% of the sun’s UV rays efficiently.

 It also provides a higher level of safety since it makes the glass more shatter-resistant.

 It increases the level of privacy and helps save energy since it reduces the load on the AC unit while cooling the car.