Things You Didn’t Knew About Window Tinting

You have probably heard about the benefits of the window tinting or even the cons! But there are some particular things about window tinting that most of the peoples didn’t know about! Did you know that best car window tints help in fighting global warming? Yes, you heard that right! Here how it works, window tints keep your car cool and this could help greenhouse gas emissions in cars allowing you to use less energy to cool the car!

Window Tinting in Woodbridge Virginia

Another thing window tints are associated with are the safety of the passengers! As the automotive glass is very resistant to breaking it shatters into pieces causing injuries during an accident. Window tint will help glass from shattering into pieces.


Window tinting is also associated with skin cancer! Yes, tints protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun which causes skin cancer! Keeping the sun rays out of the car also protects the interior of the car from tanning, cracking or fading!


But most of the people tint their car windows to get privacy! This is done to hide valuables in the car without getting it noticed. If your car windows are not tinted, your expensive sound system might get stolen. With the privacy provided with the window tints, you might feel a little safer!


These were some of the things that you might not have known about the window tints. You can get window tints in your vehicle from your nearest window tint in Woodbridge! Take a look at some the cool facts about window tinting.

It was all the way back around World War II that at-home window tinting became available to the public! The first window tints were actually a spray on cans which resulted in messy and uneven layers. These sprays were persisted into the 1960s.


Drag racers began installing colored Plexiglass in their hot-rods in the 1950s giving them a sweet appearance.


It was mid of the 60s, automobile manufacturer took a step ahead and created first retail window film which became popular. These window films were dye based that turned purple over time and tent to bubble in bad weather.


To stop the tint from becoming purple, they started adding metallic particles with the dye. This worked but the metal particles started interfering with the electrical devices.


Nowadays, the windows tints available in the market are light years ahead of time as it uses nanotechnology. These modern-day tints offer maximum protection from ultraviolet rays, doesn’t interfere with the radio signals, offers optical clarity and are scratch resistant! They are even color stable that means it will never turn purple.


Did you know that car window tinting is legal only in 50 states? Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding how dark the tint can be. This is known as a visible light transmission or VLT in short! The VLT also vary depending on which windows are tinted!


The best thing about these tints that people are not aware of is how fast and affordable the process has become. It only takes a few hours to professionally tint the windows of any car, truck or SUV. While the cost of tints depending upon the level of protection and type of tints you have chosen!


Wrapping Up


Window tints are definitely a great option to protect yourself, hide your valuables, protect your car’s upholstery. Rather than that window tints are great customization too! Window tints add a classy and aesthetic appeal to your vehicle as well!